Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pink flower headband

My latest! Pink headband with pink/gold & white flower. This whole thing is crochet. I put a white frosty shiny button in the center of this pretty flower. It measures about twelve inches, but will stretch to about fourteen. I can make these in any size or color. Send me a message if you might be interested and I will be happy to answer. This will be on my etsy shop.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


These are some pendants I made using the bamboo tiles, some wire, beads, collage, alphabets, and ribbon. I painted the tiles with some gold paint, front and back, before I did any embellishing. I can make these with any initial, even color combos! so if you are so inclined, let me hear from you! The pics aren't the greatest, but that's my little Kodak! These have been covered with a very shiny and tough finish and they reflect the bright flash! Will try to figure out how to get some better pics. :)

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My Roses

Here is a beautiful vase I found at an antique shop. Look at the beautiful roses! Below are some of my other vintage pieces with roses. I started collecting roses about four years ago. It seemed everywhere I went these would call out to me. They are so beautiful! I can't resist!

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This is an experiment for me!
Am not modernistic..but realistic! However, this was fun. I used
Photoshop to intensify colors to get a feeling of what would
happen! I kinda like the brilliant color. This probably won't
go any further than this! Strictly for the blog.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Some Halloween cards I made are now on my etsy shop for sale.
These are made with watercolor paper I first painted. Then sewed on the copy of vintage Halloween card I had printed on fabric. After that I embellished them with ribbon, ric rac, buttons, brads, beads, stickers and anything else I could find! You can add your greeting on some blank music sheets I adhered to the inside. I tied the bottom and attached a small tag with the word "open". Let's you know it does open! I hope all that makes some sense.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Whoohoo!!! I now have 17 items in my etsy shop! I worked hard getting
photos and descriptions to get these items on. Am working on some more
and hopefully in another day this will all be easily accessible. I'll keep
working on it. So keep checking back. Am currently working on some
collage pieces. Will post pics as soon as I can...doing all this in between
my part time job and home stuff. :) FUN.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flower Power Fun

My design I created for Flower Power
contest at Craftstylish. This is my first attempt at entering anything on line!
Am really excited that I am able to figure out how to do this stuff! It's really
fun! I crochetted the headband first. Then crochetted a base to which I then
added more crochet using the eyelash yarn. In the center is a white and gold
button that I sewed to the flower, then sewed it all to the headband.

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Friday, September 12, 2008


Showing the chair I painted and
decorated for the Library's Chair Auction which will be held sometime after the new year. All proceeds from the sale of chairs goes to purchase items for the children's section of our county library. Local artists and organizations may decorate or paint a chair of their choosing to donate to the auction.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

More thrift store finds!

A close up of the box of buttons. You may see some of these on etsy!
They are really old. I have listed some of these on my etsy store. You can go there to find which ones are for sale.

A small round wooden box. This I would say is

Sweetest baby bonnet. Vintage? Lots of lace
and the inside is completely lined. So cute.

Thrift Store

Paid a visit to our local thrift store
over the week end. Here are some of the items in a box of buttons I bought.
Take a close look! Do you see a turtle button? and a small charm with a
pic of a baseball player? These are great! The buttons in this box are really
old. You may see some of them on my etsy shop!!!

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etsy store!!

HOORAY!!!! It's up!!! Finally got my etsy store going. I have posted two
items there. You can check it out. nancarts is the name..I will put a link
here shortly so you can click on it and voila! my etsy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Enough already! And we still have another month of hurricane season.
We are keeping an eye out for "Ike"! Praying it will fizzle out before
it reaches the Gulf. The good part of all this has been the rainfall in parts
of the country that were in deficit numbers of rain. The bad part is all
the damage caused by these storms, and the people who have been displaced. Our prayers go out to them.

Friday, September 5, 2008

More scarf photos

Wanted to take some more photos to better show the
colors of the scarves that I crochetted. This is the verigated as you see. Really nice
colors. Measures 4" x 80" plus 7" fringe. Nice and long so you can wrap a couple of times
and still have lots hanging down.

Black eyelash yarn with brightly colored
"nubbies" or "bumps." Short scarf measures 2.5" x 30" and has no fringe.

This is a pretty yellow! Fringe is 6" white
eyelash with colored "nubbies". Really fun! It measures 5.5" x 54".
Beigey grey whiteish yarn with thin black thread running
thru it. 6.5" x 30" with 4" fringe. Nice soft yarn.
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Limelight Hat & Scarf

Here is the scarf that matches the Limelight Hat that I crochetted. I still need to add the fringe! Haven't decided yet if it will be green, white or something else! Will add that later. 6" x 58" no fringe yet.
It's a very soft yarn and will be quite warm and comfy. You would love this . Check my etsy shop.
I still haven't gotten it up yet, but when I do you will know!!! Am needing help and will have to wait
until that person has some free time to devote to some instructions. Yeaaaahhh!!!
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