Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas pics two

Dolly stroller, swing and seat for the little Princess.
Stockings hung on the fireplace mantle.
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The boys playing with one of their toys.
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Family Christmas Day

Well, friends and family, it's a quiet evening! after a busy, loud, fun, and wonderful day with all my family. There are three little ones, two boys and a little girl, 4,3, and 2! Also, several teen agers, and numerous adults! After opening all the gifts we ate! And ate! And ate! Our Christmas dinner consisted of roast beef and ham, cheese potatoes, glazed carrots, green beans, cole slaw, salad, rolls, fruit cake, oreo cookie cake, and ice cream, water, sweet tea, and soda. To say the least, we were all stuffed! It was a wonderful meal that was enjoyed by all. Kids played with their games and toys...later watched the movie Wall-e...with maybe one eye open! Forty-winks helped a little toward reviving some of us! Christmas is a time for traditions and making memories. Eating special foods prepared by loving hands. Presents chosen with care and lovingly wrapped for family members and friends. Stockings hung waiting their filling! The tree
trimmed by careful, hopeful hands, thinking and dreaming of Christmas Day! Then in a few short hours the day is over, and we all have our own beautiful thoughts and memories that will linger through the years. My hopes are that your Christmas day was one of wonder and beauty that you will cherish and remember thru the years! Peace, friends and family.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Here are the latest items I've been working on. I saw these snowmen, altered bottles, in the latest magazine "Cloth Paper Scissors". I loved them and had to try my hand at creating one.
I thought I would share with you before I put them on etsy shop. Also, I have seen spoons altered on various sites and loved the look of them. I have more ideas with spoons, but I guess it will be after the holidays before I can get in any more crafting, as my family is arriving Monday. I have lots to do before they arrive! Also, have to finish my shopping or someoone will be disappointed when there's no gift under the tree for them!!! That would not be good.
Merry Christmas to you all....

What I've been working on!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tree with lights!

A couple of pictures of my tree with lights on and no flash on camera .

This is shot of an angel that I received in the Secret Santa swap on Etsy
Cottage Style earlier this month. This is a metal cutout of angel, then covered with glitter!
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My bird, birdhouse tree!

Just a couple of pics of my second tree! This is up year round. It is decorated with birds and birdhouses, birdnests. I topped it
off with an American flag. I put this up after my husband passed, because he was a bird lover. He had bird feeders and birth bath in our yard. We could sit at our dining room table and watch the birds. The flag is also in his honor as he was a retired veteran of first
Navy and later Coast Guard. He flew an American flag in our front yard every day. He was very patriotic, and I supported him in
his career and his patriotism. Miss you so much, my husband, friend, sweetheart, you are in my heart.

This year I put some home made ornaments that I made on it, in the spirit of Christmas. It also has lights.
Best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Peace to our world.
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My Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas Tree

This is my tree for 2008. I just realized that I hadn't turned on the lights when I took these!
Going back to take more! Bill came over yesterday and put it together, put on the lights, and
helped me decorate! Can't wait for all the kids to see it. I am still working on cleaning my house!
I actually cleaned out kitchen cupboard and had to throw away food that was out of date..UGH!
I just don't do a lot of cooking any more and when I do it doesn't require lots of staples.
I am making a resolution that my food purchases will be more selective and maybe I will
actually cook once a week! and it will last a week? Yeah! Christmas is such a wonderful time
for me. I love having all my family around me even for a few days. It's difficult with kids off
at college, jobs and extended families. I am so thankful for all my family. They are the best!
I love them all dearly and am so happy when they are around. Love, love, love it! I now have three toddler great-grandchildren, so that makes it even more special!!

Christmas Tree

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gifts

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other".

This quote came from Blanca at Etsy Cottage Style. Thanks Blanca!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Secret Santa

These are the goodies I received in the Secret Santa Scavanger Swap. Tracy was my Secret
Santa from etsy cottage style. The pics don't really do the items justice. I definitely am buying a new camera!!! The Santa tags are wooden and the Santa's are beautiful antique reproductions.
The little tree came packed in the pink glittered box. In the box on the right are two snowflake candles. The little heart is two sided with white chenille on the other side, a red button is an embellishment. These goodies were all so nice and I thank Tracy very much! Can't wait for our next swap. This was only my second on the etsy cottage style. If you haven't seen this page, you should take a look. The art work is amazing and so inspiring.

Secret Santa Goodies

Secret Santa Goodies