Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was spent "watching" hurricane Gustav movement! Hoping he would avoid Florida. Had a few showers and breezes, but nothing bad. Went to an art store and finally found some Golden paints! Yeah! Can't wait to start playing! This should be lots of fun. Will keep you posted on how things go with some pics. Found some FSU Tees which I had to buy! Will wear these with my new Seminoles flip-flops! on Friday to work. :) Love the Noles! Two of my grandchildren are students at FSU. Were helping get them situated in their new apartments. Want them to get off to a good start! Spent some quality time visiting and reminiscing with my brother who lives in Tally. This is such a beautiful city. Lots of old, large
oak trees with the spanish moss hanging from branches.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Handmade Journal

This is a handmade journal I will post on
my etsy shop, as soon as it goes up! You
are looking at the cover. The colors in this
are mostly pink and lavender shades. I put
lots of tags and space for journaling and
photos. You can easily add more pages to
this, as I used rings to bind it all together.

This shows two of the tags I
made. You can write on the
back of these. FAITH and PRAY
were added using cutout letters
and a little glue.
Two more tags I made. These
have the words LOVE and HOPE
on using stickers.

These two pages have pockets
with a tag in each. The colors here
are a pastel blue with neutral tans.
LIFE and FRIENDSHIP words on
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Limelight Hat

Here is my latest creation! The color is Limelight.
I crochetted this with Caron Simply Soft yarn and
trimmed it with French Angora! The flower is
also angora with a small "sparkly" green button
in the center. A matching scarf will follow.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My favorite beach..

This is my favorite next favorite place to be other than my home. This is on the Gulf. Pic taken by daughter..her favorite spot also.
Our family goes here every summer to spend time together. Near the sea
we forget to count the days! A peaceful, stress free, beautiful, calming
God creation.

Hurricane "Fay"

Hurricane "Fay" is really tropical storm "Fay"! She never got up to full
hurricane speed.....which is a good thiing! Another good thing is we, that
as county employees, got a day off! That's why I am at my computer this
early in the am. We are gettiing some wind, but mostly rain, which we
need. This will help get the Peace River higher in its banks. It will also
mean my yard will need mowing sooner. Ah, well! it's worth all that.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Verigated Scarf

Last scarf in this post. The yarn in this
is verigated with browns, blues and a
coppery color. It has a slight sheen
with lots of flippy fringe! You will
love this. Can you tell how much I
love to crochet? More to come!
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This scarf is much shorter and a lot more
colorful! This yarn is black eyelash with
the nubbies in bright colors. It is fun!
Wrap this around your neck and you
will get a lot of compliments!
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This is another crochetted scarf. It is the
same pattern as the yellow one. The
Yarn in this one is tweedy with shades
of light tans. Nice fringe and this is
soft and warm!
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Here's the latest scarf I just finished. It is
crochetted, the fringe is eyelash with a
strand of colorful nubbies. Really cute!
I will add pics of more scarves that I
have finished. All will be for sale as
soon as I get my etsy shop up and running.
It may take me a little while as I am
not too smart when it come to computers.
I can do a lot of crafting, but computers,
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