Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some bottle cap bracelets I make.
The bottle caps are for real..and
I add the images, make the
beaded bracelets with glass beads.
They are fun and funky as well as
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Griff was happy just playing
at the waters edge.

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Collin, and his first attempt on the
boogie board! He got up and was ready
to try again!! Loved it.
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Vacation 2008

These pictures were taken at our favorite beach in Florida on the Gulf.
Our entire family goes here every year, where we all spend a week
together. Best times are spent here. We eat seafood at the best
restaurant, The Fishery. Love, Love, LoveWe girls get in some fun shopping and visiting thrift stores. Will post some pics of my great finds and tell you a story about the blue shirt!
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Florida skies! Over our favorite beach.
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Paradise in Florida! This is living!
Look at the color of that water!
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Our Princess
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Florida's hibiscus
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Some beautiful Florida scenery. Enjoy these.
Spanish moss.
There's a story about where
the moss originally came from.
It seems it started from the
hair of a beautiful maiden.
Will look this up and post
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Eden says "hello" to the bunny.
She seems to love all bunnies, but
blue is best!
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Olive Garden

Last night fellow workers from the library met at the Olive Garden in Sebring to celebrate a retiree. We had such a great confab and meal!
The food here is so delicious! Of course, we all ate too much. That salad and those bread sticks......yummmmm... After Olive Garden we went to
Books A Million, one of my favorite stores. Right up there with Michaels.
I found several new magazines from Somerset Studio. If you have never
seen one of these, you should go and take a look. I love them all! I buy
everyone I can find. This time it was four new ones. It will take me all week end to go through them, and a week or more to read them cover to cover. These are the greatest magazines. I am a lover of magazines and books. I have more than I need. They are my one vice! No drinks and no smokes, just give me a magazine and I will be soooo happy!! I also purchased a couple of crochet magazines. I am on a crochetting thing now, and there were several items I saw and thought maybe I'd try! Today I have been playing with yarn and hook! My hope is to get this blog up and running before I retire so I can get my arts and crafts listed on etsy and some other sights I have found that interest me. I will keep trying and maybe I will figure all this out. Nothing like being computer illiterate!
But I do try. : )

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gran's crochetted hats

Orange girly hat with eyelash yarn trim! This is really cute. Girls will love the feathery trim on this one!
Cute teal crochetted hat with eyelash trim on cute flower. Also the edge is trimmed with the eyelash multi-colored yarn. Love this!Black with pink flower ad trim. Crochetted with cotton yarn. This is a slightly smaller version, so will fit a small baby! She will look adorable with this on her cute little head!
Crochetted hat! Green shimmery cotton yarn. This is a fun hat with a "feathery" flower attached. Your little one would look soo adorable in this!