Sunday, August 30, 2009

Favorite Poems of Emily Dickinson

I found this little book of poetry by Emily somewhere in my hunts! It is a small 71/4 x 4 1/2"

book 1978. First printed in 1890.It has 160 pages. Most of what we know of her comes

from her poems and letters. She will always be regarded as one of the greatest poets in

American literature.

Favorite Poems of Emily Dickinson

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)
This copy of a daguerreotype shows Emily at age 17. She disliked it so much
that she later claimed it didn't exist. It is the only known portrait of the great
American poet, who lived most of her life in a Federalstyle mansion in Amherst,
built on Main Street, by her Grandfather.
She wrote in an upstairs bedroom. Her poems ranged from whimsical lyrics
to profound laments with existential overtones.

Here is an example of her lighter side:

The Pedigree of Honey
Does not concern the bee--
A Clover at any time, to him,
Is Aristocrary.

Then these lines about love, which are among the most poignant lyrics written in

Parting is all we knnow of heaven,
and all we need of hell.
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Emily Dickinson, Poet

I was perusing an old Colonial Homes Mag, 1989, when I came across this article about
Emily Dickinson.Quotes from her poems appear in many altered pieces I have come across.
I thought this would be an interesting post for those who are fans or not, just because of the
information!This was a book review...RECLUSIVE POET, EMILY DICKINSON by Cynthia Griffin Wolff.Don't know if this book is available..maybe at a library.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Books and Magazines added to etsy shop

I have added a couple of needle craft books and mags to my etsy shop.
These are some I have had in my stash and decided I had way too many!
Take a look...these are full of patterns and instructions. Smiles and Blessings,

Birds in Summer from Old fourth reader

Scanned this from an old fourth reader book. The pages in this book are slightly
yellowed and a little "ratty" around the edges, but still readable. Love how the old poems and stories were written.
The date in this book is 1884! The cover is embossed with name of the company, and the number 4, then it has lots
of leaves and medallions with simplistic flowers. Very neat. Have a great day and week. Smiles and Blessings.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging for Bliss Book

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Blogging for Bliss

Everyone!This book is fantastic!I just got it and I don't want to put it down!The stuff in this book is so anazing, and all the blogs unbelievable.You need to get it now. (Back to the book.) Smiles and Blessings.
oops...forgot to mention the author: Tara Frey...great book, Tara.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

I am at home again this evening after spending a great week end with my family.Baby Dedication Day at church, lunch out and good old family visitation. Family means so much
to me. I have always loved my family and being with them. This comes from a childhood
where we had lots of family visits. I come from a rather large family, and Sunday usually meant a delicious dinner with grandparents.We ate off my Grandmother's beautiful dishes with wonderful silverware. The children were always included at the "grown-up" table, and we were expected to use our best manners! The cooking was a major operation, with a kitchen full of people chopping, beating, stirring and tasting each recipe. Even one Sunday dinner included soap powder which was added to the mashed potatoes when my Uncle thought he had the salt cannister and sprinkled the potatoes with soap. After that episode, he was constantly reminded to be sure and grab the correct cannister! We laughed about everyone blowing bubbles while eating the potatoes. I don't recommend adding soap to mashed potatoes!
After dinner, the men usually talked or listened to baseball games on the radio while the women cleaned up and adjourned to the living room or front porch to catch up on a weeks worth of news. We kids would sometimes escape to the yard where we played kids games. I always looked forward to another Sunday of gathering with my family and I still do.
Smiles and Blessings y'all...for another great week.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This little angel was just waiting for me!I love angels.She is so adorable.
Don't know what material she is made of, but someone signed the back, (maker?) and the date 1980.She doesn't look that age!
She is about 6-8", and I will hang her on my bedroom wall with the rest of my angels!
Smiles and Blessings y'all!
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Thrift Store Finds

This piece looks like tatting.
Very fine and dainty..notice the little flowers!

This was in a bag of lace that cost one dollar!It was a real bargain.See the other pieces below....

This piece in the lower right looks to be tatting, but am not one hundred percent sure. It is very dainty and fine, with some flowers.Sweet and lovely.
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Latest Thrift Store Finds

Pillow case pillowcases....just the edges!Someone spent a lot of time crochetting these!They are a creamy color.

Little dresser scarf with the embroidered lady with crochet edges.
This is so dainty and sweet.

These are the ends of a long dresser scarf.Beautiful and intricate work.
It is very wide, and on both ends!Wow!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Mixed Media/ Collage Art

Some of my art work in progress.
Will be in my etsy shop when I finish them. A few more days should do it. We'll see.
Collage, decoupage, mixed media, is such fun! Especially when it goes
the way you envision it! Smiles and Blessings, you all. Nancy
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Bluebirds from Golden Field Guide
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New Quote I found

Thoreau..."The Bluebird carries the sky on his back.!"

I think this is such a cute quote! I don't think T meant

for it to be cute, but I like it. If you have ever seen a

Bluebird you will know what he means. They are very

definitely Blue!