Saturday, July 26, 2008

Olive Garden

Last night fellow workers from the library met at the Olive Garden in Sebring to celebrate a retiree. We had such a great confab and meal!
The food here is so delicious! Of course, we all ate too much. That salad and those bread sticks......yummmmm... After Olive Garden we went to
Books A Million, one of my favorite stores. Right up there with Michaels.
I found several new magazines from Somerset Studio. If you have never
seen one of these, you should go and take a look. I love them all! I buy
everyone I can find. This time it was four new ones. It will take me all week end to go through them, and a week or more to read them cover to cover. These are the greatest magazines. I am a lover of magazines and books. I have more than I need. They are my one vice! No drinks and no smokes, just give me a magazine and I will be soooo happy!! I also purchased a couple of crochet magazines. I am on a crochetting thing now, and there were several items I saw and thought maybe I'd try! Today I have been playing with yarn and hook! My hope is to get this blog up and running before I retire so I can get my arts and crafts listed on etsy and some other sights I have found that interest me. I will keep trying and maybe I will figure all this out. Nothing like being computer illiterate!
But I do try. : )

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