Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was spent "watching" hurricane Gustav movement! Hoping he would avoid Florida. Had a few showers and breezes, but nothing bad. Went to an art store and finally found some Golden paints! Yeah! Can't wait to start playing! This should be lots of fun. Will keep you posted on how things go with some pics. Found some FSU Tees which I had to buy! Will wear these with my new Seminoles flip-flops! on Friday to work. :) Love the Noles! Two of my grandchildren are students at FSU. Were helping get them situated in their new apartments. Want them to get off to a good start! Spent some quality time visiting and reminiscing with my brother who lives in Tally. This is such a beautiful city. Lots of old, large
oak trees with the spanish moss hanging from branches.

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