Monday, January 26, 2009

My comfort doll family!!

These dolls are being sent to Pat Winter who sends them a
dozen at a time to women's centers for abused and abandoned women. They are a reminder that
there are women world wide who remember them and send them love and best wishes for a better life.
These are another of my contributions!!!

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Candy said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea and your dolls are wonderful. If I may, I would like to use your idea and make some for my own home town shelter.
My head is spinning with ideas...invite a few ladies over to make the dolls and pray over them...seems like a great bonding and blessing time.
Warm Wishes to you, Candy

Pat Winter said...

Nancy, Your beautiful comfort dolls arrived. Goodness you are one busy artist! I loved viewing each one and reading the special comforting words placed here and there.Thank you so much for yet another donation as well as your monetary sponsorship of doll shipments. That was very kind and generous. Thank you for everything, and your time and talent.
Hugs and appreciation,Pat