Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

I am at home again this evening after spending a great week end with my family.Baby Dedication Day at church, lunch out and good old family visitation. Family means so much
to me. I have always loved my family and being with them. This comes from a childhood
where we had lots of family visits. I come from a rather large family, and Sunday usually meant a delicious dinner with grandparents.We ate off my Grandmother's beautiful dishes with wonderful silverware. The children were always included at the "grown-up" table, and we were expected to use our best manners! The cooking was a major operation, with a kitchen full of people chopping, beating, stirring and tasting each recipe. Even one Sunday dinner included soap powder which was added to the mashed potatoes when my Uncle thought he had the salt cannister and sprinkled the potatoes with soap. After that episode, he was constantly reminded to be sure and grab the correct cannister! We laughed about everyone blowing bubbles while eating the potatoes. I don't recommend adding soap to mashed potatoes!
After dinner, the men usually talked or listened to baseball games on the radio while the women cleaned up and adjourned to the living room or front porch to catch up on a weeks worth of news. We kids would sometimes escape to the yard where we played kids games. I always looked forward to another Sunday of gathering with my family and I still do.
Smiles and Blessings y'all...for another great week.

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