Friday, May 21, 2010

The Snow Image Story

This image is from an 1899 Fourth Reader that has been in my family for years.
The Snow Image was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne; here are a few words from that
story describing this picture.

"At this instant a flock of snowbirds came flitting through the air. As was very natural, they avoided
Violet and Peony (children in the story). But--and this looked strange,--they flew at once to the
white-robed child, fluttered eagerly about her head, alighted on her shoulders, and seemed to claim
her as an old acquaintance.
She, on her part, was evidently as glad to see these little birds, old Winter's Grandchildren, as
they were to see her, and welcomed them by holding out both her hands. Hereupon they each
and all tried to alight on her two palms and ten small fingers and thumbs, crowding one another off,
with an immense fluttering of their tiny wings. One dear little bird nestled tenderly in her bosom;
another put its bill to her lips. They were as joyous, all the while, and seemed as much in their element
as you may have seen them when sporting with a snowst0rm."

I know the winter has long gone (?)! But I love this old picture and these beautiful words.
Maybe you could find this story and read the entire piece. It isn't very long.

Smiles and Blessings on this beautiful day, Friends,

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