Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Library Station

My computer desk!

Computer and a few books!

This is where I wrap the book jackets!

Thought I would show you a small slice of my world at work in our County Library.
These are my work stations. I open boxes of new books, they go out for cataloging
and they come back to me for spine labels and covers. I handle every new book that
comes to us....I see everything new. James Patterson must write a new book every week!
We have a great library!
If there is a library in your town, city or county you should make it a point to visit!
There is so much material available to you! You can check out books, audio books,
CD's, DVD's, and look up all kinds of info on the internet. A children's section will
provide your kids with much enjoyment!

Go Visit Your Library and do yourself a favor!

Have a wonderful day, Friends.

Smiles and Blessings,

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Megan said...

Ah---you're a Library Tech? That was my job. Except I did the cataloging too. I still volunteer several hours a week doing cataloging. Isn't it great to see all the new stuff before anyone else. I knew how Harry Potter ended before most--(;0)