Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Venture.....Shops on the Corner

Have to let you all in on my latest venture.
I now have a space in a local shop on Main Street in our little country town!
Mostly have my "junk drawer" jewelry, but also a few vintage items as well as a couple of antiques.
Hope to have more when I get it all together.
I had a shop a few years ago, but after the hurricane here, the shop had to close.
But now I am back in business, and I love doing this.  Will take some pics and post
at a later date so you can see everything in our shop.  There are about a dozen
vendors in all. 

Have a great week end all!

Smiles and Blessings,


sonya said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for becoming a follower and entering my giveaway!
That's great that you are starting a venture! Good luck with it and my drawing! :)

maureen said...

Good for you getting back into it. I've just partnered with a friend and have a booth in a small antique mall, on Main Street *grin* in a small town near where we live. It's been fun so far, I'm looking forward to nice weather when we can get out and hunt for more vintage goodies.
Thanks for stopping by,