Saturday, August 27, 2011

Painting Fun Tee Shirts with Kiddos!!

Grammie making ty dye T shirts with the kiddos this am. 
White T's in appropriate size.
Colorful permanent markers.
Plastic or paper cups, rubber bands and rubbing alcohol.
Rubber band the T over the top of the cup.
Use markers, make designs, dots, circles etc.
Drop alcohol with dropper onto the fabric which is still stretched over cup.
Watch the magic happen.
Leave over cup till the magic stops, a very short time.
Continue process until you have the amount of color on the T you like.
Let it set till dry, through in dryer for 15 mins to set and then it is washable.
Kids have so much fun making these...and creating their own designs.

Have fun!

Peace and Blessings, friends,

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