Saturday, May 12, 2012

Unexpected thrift store stop

I was a little early for my salon appointment yesterday and there just happens to be a little thrift store a few steps decided to pop in!  Will show you a few things that will appear in my etsy a little later.
 This first one is a "Cabbage Patch Kids"...I think nightie.  It is pink with lace around neck, sleeves and bottom.  It also has a strip of lace down the front. 
 This is a little white skirt or petticoat that could be for Barbie or doll a little larger. Lace around hem.
 A cute little pinafore apron with a blue and green trim.  This is kinda like the one Raggedy Ann wears.  Hers doesn't have the trim.
 Little white dress, petticoat or nightie.  Label inside "Made in China" and the lace is pink.  This would fit a small baby doll it measures about 8" overall.
This is a handmade skirt or half-slip.  It has a piece of elastic in the waist and measures 7" long.  It has been made from a wide pice of fabric with trim at the bottom.  I have left all of these alone with no washing they come as is.  A few stains, but nothing major.  I believe will come clean.

Have a great week end!  
Peace and Blessings all you dear Bloggers!


Anca said...

I absolutely love thrift shopping, you found such amazing things :D

vicki said...

Any excuse to go to a thrift shop is a good one!! Glad you found some treasures!!

Your blog header is just totally gorgeous!! OMG!!