Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here's a canvas board that I have altered with the title "Life's A Beach." It measures
8x10 without the wire & bead hanger. I painted the canvas with blue acrylic paint,
then used some white with stamps and other "stuff" for textures. The three tags were
prepared seperately and then attached. That's real beach sand, glass, shells and a piece
of wood I picked up at the beach! The tin star is distressed and glued on to represent the
star fish! This was fun to do, and I plan on sending it to Cloth, Paper and Scissors to see
if they will publish it. I haven't done this before and am a little anxious, but we shall
see. Hope you like it and that it will bring back good memories. Happy day to you.

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My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Nancy. I am your Etsy bunny swap partner. I enjoyed reading your wonderful blog this morning. Please email me your mailing address...

Cheers! Sharon