Sunday, February 22, 2009

Three altered bottle snowmen

The idea for altered bottle snowmen was published in an issue of Cloth, Paper Scissors.
I dug around and found these bottles I thought would work and got busy! I had a lot
of fun! I used some of their suggestions and came up with some of my own, or improvised.
I found some "junk" stuff in a drawer and adapted to the snowmen. You can see the
thimbles, bells, beads and even an old key. It took me awhile to get some decent pics
to add to my blog and am thinking of sending them to the mags website to show what
I did with the idea. I have used small jars and some styrofoam balls to make snowmen.
Some the lid came off so you could tuck in some small surprise! I will post a pic of
one as soon as I can, and will give the instructions. Happy crafting to you all!

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