Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Latest

Monday was an in-service day for library cooperative. Five employees from our county library attended. We all met at the Lake Placid Library.
It was a fun informative day with lessons in our new Polaris program. We had several breaks during the day which included drawings for door prizes, snacks and drinks. I was lucky enough to win a delicious candle! Lunch was a bar-b-que of hamburgers, cole slaw and baked beans, with all the trimmings! We spent the entire work day there and came away with great information.

Wednesday is my regular day off, so I headed out for a day of looking and shopping! I went to Books a Million, Michaels, and Bed,Bath and Beyond. I found a couple of new Somerset Mags and a Crochet mag that I thought my crochet class might like. Michaels had lots of clearance items, but I managed to resist a lot. Martha was on sale as they are clearing the area for new items...this will be fun to see what she has to offer. I had been looking for a new pillow for my head! and found one at BBB. I'm hoping it's the right one! Stopped at Beall's where I bought
some Christmas presents and a few things for myself to wear in the cooler weather...if it ever

Hope you all have a great day!
Smiles and Blessings everyone.

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