Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas Tree

This is my tree for 2008. I just realized that I hadn't turned on the lights when I took these!
Going back to take more! Bill came over yesterday and put it together, put on the lights, and
helped me decorate! Can't wait for all the kids to see it. I am still working on cleaning my house!
I actually cleaned out kitchen cupboard and had to throw away food that was out of date..UGH!
I just don't do a lot of cooking any more and when I do it doesn't require lots of staples.
I am making a resolution that my food purchases will be more selective and maybe I will
actually cook once a week! and it will last a week? Yeah! Christmas is such a wonderful time
for me. I love having all my family around me even for a few days. It's difficult with kids off
at college, jobs and extended families. I am so thankful for all my family. They are the best!
I love them all dearly and am so happy when they are around. Love, love, love it! I now have three toddler great-grandchildren, so that makes it even more special!!

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