Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family Christmas Day

Well, friends and family, it's a quiet evening! after a busy, loud, fun, and wonderful day with all my family. There are three little ones, two boys and a little girl, 4,3, and 2! Also, several teen agers, and numerous adults! After opening all the gifts we ate! And ate! And ate! Our Christmas dinner consisted of roast beef and ham, cheese potatoes, glazed carrots, green beans, cole slaw, salad, rolls, fruit cake, oreo cookie cake, and ice cream, water, sweet tea, and soda. To say the least, we were all stuffed! It was a wonderful meal that was enjoyed by all. Kids played with their games and toys...later watched the movie Wall-e...with maybe one eye open! Forty-winks helped a little toward reviving some of us! Christmas is a time for traditions and making memories. Eating special foods prepared by loving hands. Presents chosen with care and lovingly wrapped for family members and friends. Stockings hung waiting their filling! The tree
trimmed by careful, hopeful hands, thinking and dreaming of Christmas Day! Then in a few short hours the day is over, and we all have our own beautiful thoughts and memories that will linger through the years. My hopes are that your Christmas day was one of wonder and beauty that you will cherish and remember thru the years! Peace, friends and family.

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