Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New glasse!!!

I broke my glasses last night! Can you believe? I hunted down the SUPER GLUE! Have you ever tried to use Super Glue to put a pair of glasses back together? When there are two pieces that only fit at one small point? Especially when you have no glasses to help you see that fit? Let me tell you it's not easy. I ended up with super glue all over my fingers and the lense of the glasses. I got to the doctors office this morning hoping they could help me out. They found a frame that was a little smaller than my lenses...after waiting about an hour and a half, they bring me a pair of glasses! They had to grind down my lenses to fit this frame. No charge either. I think they deserve a vote as hero of the day! There is still some glue on one lense. She told me she used everything she could find to try and remove the glue. I guess it will eventually wear off.

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