Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend and Noles!

YEAH!!! The Seminoles won their game on Saturday! They are doing better this year. Just hope they keep up the winning streak.
Shelby went to FSU this weekend and surprised her sister Sarah.
They all went to the game, the flying circus and High School 3. I'd say
that was a busy weekend.
I spent some time working on projects. Will post some pics here later.
I think we are going to have another swap! Am so glad! I really thought
my first went well and I liked it. I received some cute cards. Very creative.
I had to call the plumber on Saturday. Was glad I could get him to come
out tto my house. I didn't have any water Saturday afternoon! I just went
to wash my hands and no water came out of the faucet. It was a simple fix, but they will be back on Monday to put something new on the pump, and he said there was a leak somewhere in the pipe. Hopefully it won't be to
big a problem to fix.

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