Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

Election day is over! We have a new President and First Lady. Thank goodness it's over! The phone calls and mail from candidates will stop.
BUT...we should all be thankful we live in a country where all of this is
possible! We have freedom! We vote for the candidate of our choice.
Let's all pray that our nation will go forward now, and everyone will get behind our president and do everything within our power to right all the
problems that have plagued us.
Hardee County has a new Sheriff, Arnold Lanier. We have a new School Superintendent, David Durastanti. Prayers go to them for wisdom and
knowledge to serve the people of our county. Hopefully we will see changes made for the benefit of all.
God Bless all of our leaders, from the President on down to the lowest level of government, all over our country.

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