Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving weekend was spent with my family in Tallahassee. There were 19 of us at the last count! We had a great time. The food was just too delicious and I ate way too much. Pies and cake and ice cream...etc. That was after all the turkey and trimmings. Why do we always eat too much on Turkey day? Is it just that it's a holiday or is it because there is always much too much food? At any rate, even eating too much, it was all scrumptous! Visiting with family is so pleasurable. Thanksgiving is a holiday when everyone seems happy and thankful to be close to each other. Graciousness comes to my mind. We all are more polite and forgiving....maybe the food does that? Anyway, it was a wonderful time.

Now when it comes to football...that is another story. Anyone who knows about Florida college football, knows the great rivalry between the Noles and Gators. It just wasn't the Noles turn!
BUT!!!! There's always next watch out Gators!

I will try to post some pics here after I get back to my home farther South!

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