Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Had A Fun Day!

Today was my fun day! It started off with my trip to the beauty salon!
Hair color and cut and a wonderful pedicure! My toenails are now painted
red! I will wear my flip flops for as long as I can...(no freezing weather)
I can see my toes!!!

Then I drove to Sebring to visit my two favorite stores! Books A Million and Michael's!!! I bought several of my favorite magazines! SOMERSET
MAGAZINES ARE THE GREATEST! I have never seen so much inspiration in one place! I found the new Artful Blogging. If you have not seen one of these magazines, I'm telling you, you should run to the nearest book store and purchase one! I check out every person's blog in this mag. Oh, my,
I love it! This is almost as good as chocolate......Then before driving home, I went thru the drive-in at Starbucks! To top off the perfect end to my fun day!.....LUV

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Sounds like my kind of day, and I agree about both magazines!!!!